Dr. Nelson's 20th Anniversary Concert

Dear Alumni,


It was an absolute pleasure to see so many of you come back to spend a weekend celebrating Dr. Nelson's incredible career! Choir alumni spent two days at Emory reconnecting with old friends and recounting choir memories. 

The first day started off with a beautiful brunch in Fellowship Hall, a space where many choir members recall rehearsing before Emerson was built. Alumni grabbed their music, signed in, and sat down with friends old and new.


The brunch featured choir alumni recounting incredible experiences in choir. They shared Nelson-isms, recalled choir jokes, and reminisced on beautiful moments. Dr. Nelson and Dr. Slover got up to share their thoughts on the event - it was an incredibly moving experience.

Dr. Nelson requested a little rehearsal time with just himself and the alumni before the current members came in. In a lot of ways, it seemed as if they never left. The incredible musicality that was taught to them years before was just as powerful and present as it was when they graduated. The clip below is our concert dress rehearsal with only alumni singing.

It was incredible for the current concert choir members to join forces with the Alumni and learn from their years of experience. When the two groups sang together, the sections mixed, so alumni and current member would stand side by side. The entire weekend was a great chance for alumni to reconnect with old friends, and an incredibly humbling experience for current members.


Once again, a huge thank you to all of the alumni who spent time and money to make it for the weekend. The choir is eternally grateful. A huge thank you to Dr. Nelson as well for his endless care and desire to spread the beauty of music.